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Fairfield High School Class of 1980
 Reunion Web Site
The primary purpose of our web site is to keep everyone informed and updated on developments relating to our  reunion plans.
We encourage everyone to officially join our site, and enter/review some general contact information.  It is important to note that there are not any fees to join the site, and you will not be receiving any spam emails as a result of your participation.
Although our site has some features similar to some of the social networking web sites (Facebook, etc), we are sensitive to the fact that not everyone would like to participate in this fashion.  Please update your profile to the extent you are comfortable.  We have taken steps to ensure that our site is used and viewed by our group only.
Below are the basic steps involved in joining our site, and important tips in establishing the privacy features that you desire.
1)     www.fhs1980.net
2)     Click on Classmate Profiles
3)  Enter the web site password listed on the "save the date" card in the New Classmates and Guests area.  Click on the GO button.
4)     Click on your name
5)     Click on the underlined “click here now”
6)     The Member Wizard will now take you through the steps to join our site. A large majority of the information can be entered at a later date – below is required and recommended items to complete when you join our site:
Step # 1          Email address and password (create your own unique password)
Step # 2          Profile Visibility – recommended that you check this box. This will 
                          block the public and search engines from viewing your profile.
                      Contact Details - check this box if you would like your detail 
                          information  (street address and phone #) to not
                          be accessible by classmates.
Steps # 3 – 5   Nothing necessary to complete at signup.
Please note that when you enter an email address in your profile, your email address is not viewable by classmates.  Emails can be sent to classmates within the Classmate Profiles navigation button, but they are done so with a generic "classcreator" email next to your name in the "to" or "from" line.  You do receive a notification in your regular email account that a message is waiting for you.  If desired, you can turn off the notification feature so that your regular email inbox would not display these emails.  These email messages can always be viewed by logging into our web site under your username and password.
Stay tuned to the site throughout the summer, as we will be posting announcements as the reunion date approaches.
We hope you enjoy our site, and hope to see all of you at the 30 year reunion!

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